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     We are obsessed with Gemstones, Diamonds, and Jewelry—and we know you are as well, otherwise you wouldn't be shopping with us. Our unique buying team has degrees in Gemology, Mineralogy, Jewelry Making, Diamond Grading, Gemstone Identification and more. We strictly adhere to Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Rules when providing you with Diamond, Gemstone, or Jewelry Designations. We believe in blunt (almost too blunt) honesty, that is why we are the only site to provide you with the Pantone Color Range your Gemstone will be prior to buying it. You will always be pleasantly surprised about the quality of the Jewelry you receive from us. We have never had a returned item, simply put, people are astonished. If you are unhappy, simply send your item back with its return authorization form, return shipping is free, and we will refund your money immediately… service@jewelrypopupshop.com is who you need to email!
    You're asking yourself, how? How are the prices so low? How is the Quality so high? The answer is simpler than you think. There are 80,000 Jewelry Stores in the US, 80,000, that's a lot. We attend jewelry shows and trade shows, we also visit stores and meet with buyers from across the country who are sitting on inventory that they simply cannot sell. We use our skills and cherry pick from all these stores at rock bottom pricing! Then we simply post it and offer it to our customers….its that simple, and with no store, we don't need to triple the wholesale price to pay a huge staff, the rent, or the electricity…though an Apple Watch would be great!

Stop reading and go buy something, that pop up sale is ending soon!

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